Our Philosophy
Our Mission
The teachers, parents, and students of Epiphany School work together to
establish an atmosphere of mutual concern and respect. We recognize that
parents are the primary educators of their children. The teachers and staff
recognize the uniqueness and creativity of each child and strive to motivate all
students toward their full potential as life-long faith filled learners.
Our History
Founded in 1959, Epiphany has continued to grow and has become a vital part
of the community. Through the years Epiphany has grown from a six-grade
elementary school to now include a junior high school and nine total grades.
Epiphany School recognizes its mission to fulfill the goal of Catholic Education
by helping all children enrolled reach their full potential academically,
emotionally, and spiritually. The goals of the mission statement will be met by
the parents, students, and teachers.
Epiphany is a Catholic community based on Catholic faith that integrates religion
with all aspects of living and learning.
For 41 years, until June of 2000, the Bernadine Sisters of St. Francis served in
the administration and teaching at Epiphany School. They served with strength
and dignity for many years until the order pulled out of the school to pursue
other areas that God was calling them to.
Epiphany Catholic School
South El Monte, CA
Epiphany School was established to welcome with
open arms the spiritual challenge of sharing the faith
fostering community, and providing opportunities to
witness, respect, and be of service to all.